Artist Agency

Sugarlicks is a home for creative and musical minds. We draw inspiration from authenticity, a knowledge of past and a firm understanding of future place in the World. We inspire artists, promote their work and represent them and our collective cultural endeavours Worldwide.

The studio, agency and label are located in the Southern Hemisphere’s most culturally diverse city, Auckland New Zealand. We work mainly, but not exclusively with New Zealand artists.

The agency connects our artists with commission and performance opportunities with festivals, producers, Arts institutions and creative partners globally.
We also work on a cultural and knowledge sharing basis with Arts institutions and councils.
We are currently also concentrating on building new pathways and opportunities for our New Zealand artists in the emerging markets of East and North Asia, MENA and South America.

Please contact us for any further information or to book any of our artists, thanks.


The skin of a drum, the softly spoken word, the expression of a belief, the translation of urbanism onto the pads of an mpc …. because talk won’t cook rice …

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