Seva Hifi

Seva Hifi’s second album – Cosmic Matakau – released Autumn 2017.
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The taster from the forthcoming Seva Hifi second album is now available below – After a 4 year absence Seva Hifi are back with a new album of deep Pacific electronic soul music exploring the idea of dream travelling – traversing the psychological confusions of modern times and returning to resolution in truth and spiritual knowing. The album, recorded at Sugarlicks valve studio features guests Isaac Aesili, Zubbi the Beat Wizard, Tyra Hammond, Stephen Hussey and others. The sounds range from acoustic and live style tracks to uptempo and hip hop beats – all with the distinct psychedelic edge from their first album. The record – titled Cosmic Matakau – is a unique and deep listen. The album features a bespoke painted cover from New Zealand Māori Greek artist Jimmy James K.

Seva Hifi is a unique fusion of Pacific meets electronic and psychedelic sounds. Based in Auckland city, where South AK Baz Suamili meets East coast Levani Vosasi, and West coast Gmuva.

Think Island drums, meets soul psychedelica, meets guitar fuzz and bass depth. We aim to lift spirits and bring a positive message of future imagining and deeply felt conviction to music of life.

Recorded over several years at Sugarlicks’ own studios, the band’s debut album “Early” was a true collaboration of artists, cultures and technology. The traditional Island sounds are evident throughout and blend with the variety of analog synths, full rhythm percussion, mpc3000 electronic drums, samples, analog effects, and notably I-phone  apps, ‘Into Infinity’ and ‘Bloom’, with which the band were able to sample sound bites that had been uploaded by people around the world. Check out a Radio New Zealand interview about the album here.


On album one “EARLY”:
The molten mix of Niuean, Fijian, and Kiwi-Lebanese cultures of the band-mates as well as a variety of guests that include Isaac Aesili (Funkommunity / Opensouls), Spencer Fusimalohi (Herbs), Nat Rose, Manuel Bundy, Cherie Matheson, Chinese Guzheng player XiYao, and Soulsista Aotearoa, is a true representation of the cultural hub that is Auckland.

Early also sees a revival of the Sugarlicks label, their first release in over 5 years, and marks their 15th album release. Seva Hifi add an exciting new sound to the label’s stable of Pacific Soul. The label, which operates an analog recording studio in downtown Auckland that has recorded the likes of Nathan Haines, Hollie Smith and Opensouls, has already released 6 twelve inch vinyl singles in New Zealand and worldwide. Sugarlicks have just released their first 7” single, Seva Hifi’s debut single “Pressures of Life”.