ampex deck

Ekadek is of a rare breed versed in all the ancient electronic arts. He creates stunning twisted landscapes and beats using simple sound samples, old school sound fx machines, a few worn wooden sticks, and a keen deconstructionalist ear

His experience is extensive and immersion total, having done little else his WHOLE LIFE but make kick-ass sound and sound equipment. like since forever.

“I’ve made this awesome studio to work magic in. Some audio treasures and some junk and some really amazing sounding old gear. 15 years technical development. damn more special sounding than your normal nz project joint”

Ekadek was always a musician first. His young life was piano accordion and then guitar and then drums and then electronics and music production.

“I love to play . and i have some cool toys. so i do special effect requests plus jaunty beating melodic messes with my EKADEKATRON RUMBLEBIRD rig. Its a korg ms20 – rhythm ace fr6 beat box –  tape looping echo box –  spring reverb box. mixed up in a tube momentary killer switcher box. Simple and unprogrammable music. all improvised. completely mental. it makes a HELL of a sound.”

Ekadek – Love In Your Eyes by Sugarlixx Studio

Ekadek – PIYN Ekadek Outro by Sugarlixx Studio