Music Label

Sugarlicks Records is a label based in Auckland city New Zealand. Over the period 2001-2012 ¬†we released Kiwi electronic and hiphop soul music around the globe, and worked collectively with a wide and culturally diverse range of creative minds, producers, artists, performers and musicians. In 2017 we release the second album from Seva Hifi – entitled Cosmic Matakau, with more 7″ singles planned.

check out our catalogue releases here.
We aim to produce music and art that is authentic, meaningful and cutting edge. No imitators necessarry, innovators only!

The studio currently runs a vintage analog pultec/neve tube console, with both valve and klark-teknik Eq, a pro tools rig, and some delicious outboard gear, and a synth and instrument selection.The studio also includes pultec valve eq and compression, rola spring reverb, Roland Space Echo, Akai MPC 3000, Native Instruments Maschine and logic DAW.
Including in the studio is also a large vinyl library, with jazz, soul, rock, reggae, dub, experimental, soundtracks and rarities.
We make deep soulful music, and our specialty is in achieving a lush-warm-rich and think sound.

Please contact us to discuss your recording, production or artist development ideas.

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